MODULE:    10      


 NAME         :    Zahra Jaffar Ahmad Al Jaffairi                                              

CPR             :         640020488                                                                        

GROUP       :         A Team 2                                                                           

EMAIL         :                 

SCHOOL      :    Fatima Bint Asaad Elementary Girls School                        

LECTURER/S    :         Dr Vicente Chua Reyes, Jr.

DATE OF SUBMISSION  :    27/ 5/ 2009                                                


360 degree

Performance Appraisal Process


360 degree appraisal is a powerful developmental method for leadership style and quite different from traditional manager-subordinate appraisal. As such a 360 degree process can be utilized to augments the traditional one-to-one process or can be used as a stand-alone development method.

360 degree appraisals involve the appraisee receiving feedback from people (named or anonymous) whose views are considered helpful and relevant. The feedback is typically provided on a form showing job skills, abilities, attitudinal, behavioural criteria and some sort of scoring or value judgment system. The appraisee should also assess themselves using the same feedback instrument or form.

360 degree is a tool utilizes performance feedback from the individuals, subordinate, peers and superior to create picture of an individual’s performance and potential.

How does this system work?

To do an internal 360 degree feedback, you need to gather a small group of employees within the department to complete an easy questionnaire. An individual would in charge of designing the survey and usually people are able to finish it in a very short period of time, such as around 20 minutes or even less than that. In most of the case, the feedback only involves a relatively small group of people, 10 to 15 people

The advantages and disadvantages:

Every appraisal method would have some advantages and disadvantages, so does the 360-degree appraisal method. For the 360-degree appraisal, here are several advantages and disadvantages of this appraisal method

  • The advantages, included:

1. It provides a more comprehensive view of employee performance than other appraisal method. As the procedure of carry out the 360-degree appraisal need to have a lot of people to do the evaluation for the staff, it may include the staff in the school, from the top (leader) to the bottom (colleagues), even some external sources such as the parents.

2. It gives people a chance to know how they are seen by others. The feedback from the peers can help to enhance the staff’s self-development. Also it will help to motivate people who undervalue themselves, so the feedback from the peers can help the staff to have a better self-development than other appraisal methods.

3. It gives an opportunity for the subordinates to complain their manager without following the normal complaint procedures. This can help the staff a chance to voice out their discontent and what they want to say regarding their manager.

4. It enhances individual performance and better predictor of future performance and evaluation feedback can be used by individuals looking for improvement as a personal development tool.

5. It has high employee involvement and increases the credibility of the appraisal result.

  • The disadvantages:

1. Time consuming and more complex on administration. It is no doubt includes more people to do the evaluation can give a more comprehensive view of the results, but it also very time consuming since everyone need to do the evaluation.

2. May generate the environment of suspicion and cynicism. This method can be threatening for both the staff is being assessed and the people doing the evaluation. So it is very important that the 360-degree appraisal should be conducted in an open and honest environment.

3. It will make some people defensive and unwilling to change their behaviour. Those individual lacks of transformational leadership skills will not be changed under 360 degree appraisal

4. 360 degree appraisal system is expensive if automated or web-based


Fatima bint Asaad Primary Girls School serves Al hajar village and the surrounding villages. The school consist of 70 staff and 646 student enrolled with a capacity of 24 classes. The school community of staff, students and parents are working together to provide an optimum education for all students. The vision, mission and goals of the school are encompassed in the motto “Effective communication path of excellence and innovation”. Students, teachers and parents work together to create a safe school environment were all students will be assisted and motivated to grow up and achieve excellence. The school actively support community involvement in the school activities and specific plan is in place to ensure farther development in this area. The school is part of the Northern Governorate cooperating schools which provide quality professional development opportunities for school teachers


My name is Zahra Jaffar Ahmad. I was science teacher for about 18 years in primary girls’ school. I become a vice principal for the last three year. I attended many courses when I was a science teacher such as professional development for science teachers, ICDL, and other technical courses. As a vice principal I took many courses in educational leadership in the last two years. I have completed Bsc. in biology science and education from Bahrain University in 1987. I am working for the last two years in the present school as a vice principal.


The appraisal questionnaire was answered by the following personals:

  1. School principal: Mrs. Ferdos   has an experience as a school leader for fifteen years. Presently, she is a leader for Fatima bint Asaad Girls’ School for the last nine years. She graduated with diploma in physics subject from teacher institute in Bahrain 1979 and got BA. in Arabic subject from University of Beirut in 1984 and higher diploma in Arabic form the University of sent. Joseph in Lebanon. She got higher diploma in education leadership and attended various courses in management, leadership, motivation, strategic planning and ICDL.
  1. Seiner Teacher: Mrs. Fawzia   was assigned as a senior teacher for the last Six years. She was class teacher for fifteen years from 1988 to 2003. She graduated with Bsc as a class teacher from Bahrain University in 1988. She attended many training courses in information technology, communication, special learning needs, and teaching strategies. She attended seminars, and workshops in curriculum development, creative thinking, and innovation techniques.
  1. Administrative councilor:   Mrs. Shahzalan is working as a science teacher besides her duty as administrative guide for the last seven years. She has been teaching science for 25 years. She graduated with diploma in science subject from teacher institute in Bahrain 1976. She was a head of education evaluation committee at school since 2000. She gave a lot of workshops in education evaluation for teachers in the Ministry training center in year 1996-1998. She attended number of training courses in professional development of science teachers, computer and ICDL.

Performance Appraisal Process:

To conduct the 360 degree performance appraisal process, I selected three persons at school, they are the school principal (superior), senior teacher (peer), and teacher (subordinate). I met each one individually and it took from me 10 minutes to explain to every one about the appraisal method background and the purpose. I handle every one the questionnaire and ask each one to rate according to her opinion and how she evaluate me in honest and fair judgment with out hesitation to say the truth. I informed them that the answers would be confidential for the research and would be used for myself improvement and leadership development. It took from the raters about 10 minute to complete the questionnaire.

Results of the Performance Appraisal.





Senior Teacher

Science Teacher


1 Inspires people to want to be part of a team.





2 Sets specific personal goals for the organization.





3 Establishes clear priorities when multiple goals conflict.





4 Appropriately delegates: When, to whom, and what.





5 Adjusts his or her management style to changing or unique situations.





6 Acts fairly and does not show favouritism to some employees.





7 Prepares and manages a realistic budget for his or her responsibility area.














4. 57

Standard deviation



















Based on the 360 degree feedback received from the raters’ principal (superior), senior teacher (peer), teacher and (subordinate), I can highlight the following comments:

  • I think the accuracy of their feedback is quite reasonable and reflected the nature of my personality as a vice principal. The 360 degree performance appraisal provides reliable results and captures what set out for.
  • The feedback results from the different raters/ assessors are quit similar which indicate their consistent opinions, this means their appreciation to the quality of my leadership and ability to in function management role and responsibility.
  • The common observations made by the three raters give excellent marks in the following points:

                 1. Establishes clear priorities when multiple goals conflict.

                 2. Appropriately delegates: When, to whom, and what.

                 3. Acts fairly and does not show favouritism to some employees.

                4. Prepares and manages a realistic budget for his or her responsibility area.

The points of differences in their observations refer to some elements and their feedback varies between rating degree 4 and 5; the point’s description are as follows:

  1. Inspires people to want to be part of a team.
  2. Sets specific personal goals for the organization.

     3. Adjusts his or her management style to changing or unique situations.

  • My self-reported assessment is quietly similar to all raters in two elements namely, establishes clear priorities when multiple goals conflict, and acts fairly and does not show favouritism to some employees. The difference in the other six points varies between 4 and 5 except item number 7 with regard to “Prepares and manages a realistic budget for his or her responsibility area”, in which I rate my self with moderate rank 3 because I feel I have to improve further in this area.
  • I believe the 360 degree performance appraisal is a helpful tool and I can benefit from its feedback to develop my educational leadership skills and selection of the developmental goals to improve performance.
  • Aside from the “360 degree appraisal” there are other suitable performance appraisal modules for present education change and reform in the Kingdom of Bahrain as follows:
  1. Teachers’ performance appraisal:

 The assessment of teacher effectiveness being carried out on regular bases to identify the training needs to raise teachers’ skills and competences. The evaluation conducted by the school leader and educational consular from Ministry of Education to enhance teacher quality in using teaching strategies and pedagogical skills.

  1. School success appraisal:

  Evaluation of school internal system is being conducted to measure the school achievement in important areas related to effective leadership, pedagogical strategies, student outcome, school environment and school effective relationship with parents. The assessment survey is carried out by specialists from Bahrain Economic Development Council as part of their program or development of education in Bahrain. H.H Prime Minister Sheikh Kalifa awards for distinguish schools based on the assessment and recommendation of the appointed committee. Also, the quality team from Ministry of Education visits the schools to evaluate the school standing with regard to quality of leadership, school duties and activities documentations, and using of pedagogical strategies.



       2. degree feedback 360 degree feedback.

       3.  20degree%   .

       4. The 360 Degree Performance Evaluation Report ( A Mean Towards The Development and Selection of Transformational Leaders By/ par Commander Scott Hausberg)


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